Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. The important part of orthodontic treatment is not only the choice of high qualified dentist but also the proper time period of the future treatment. Another important factor for the best outcome is the patient’s readiness to follow the dentist’s guides throughout the whole treatment period. Orthodontic treatment might be necessary if you have:

  • Crossbite

  • Crowding

  • Overjet

  • Disfiguring of the jaw

  • Breathing/swallowing problems

  • Missing or extra teeth

  • TMJ issues

Our clinic can give you two well known options for orthodontic treatment:

  • Traditional braces

  • Invisaligns

  • Appliances


 Traditional braces

Braces are the common type of orthodontic treatment provided by the majority of orthodontists. Brackets are placed on the teeth connected with wire which allows tightening teeth or creating movement. Usually two types of brackets are used: metallic and ceramic. When the appearance and the aesthetic is the priority for the patient ceramic brackets can be used. Braces can be used at any ages and when invisaligns are not the best option for the specific case.


Very often people who need orthodontic treatment avoid using traditional braces for different reasons. In this case with the development of medicine dentist offer Invisaligns as an option for orthodontic treatment. Invisaligns consist of custom mage, invisible, plastic aligners that gradually straighten teeth.  Over the treatment period dentist provides new aligners after certain period of time.

Your fist visit and the consultation is an important part for the planning phase, during which the dentist will let you know the best option for your individualized case.


There are different types of appliances used both for children and grown-up. The professional specialist can choose a right appliance for your case after consultation. They can be fixed or removable, depending on the type and again the case of usage.