Therapeutic dentistry

One of the main branches of dentistry - therapeutic dentistry deals with the treatment and prevention of dental diseases.
Treatment, teeth restoration are a link of modern therapeutic dentistry, which includes all the innovations and inventions of this field. The problem of therapeutic dentistry is the treatment of teeth with any degree of deterioration and injury, such as caries, non-carious lesions and their complications, treatment of stomatitis, fractures and any other injuries.

Therapeutic dentistry is now on such a level that can practically save any tooth. With the development of endodontics, the indications for tooth removal are diminishing.

Endodontics deals with the treatment and restoration of tooth roots. Dental treatment will only be considered successful if the tooth function is restored.

Dental restoration is one of the main areas of therapeutic dentistry. Today, it is possible to precisely restore the natural shape of the tooth, while still maintaining its natural color.

Nowadays, all modern materials and equipments are used and easily available for professionals.